“Oxygen” Trailer Sees Mélanie Laurent Search for Memory and Air

Netflix has just unleashed the trailer for Alexandre Aja's forthcoming thriller Oxygen, and we're entirely here for it!

The film centers on a young woman (played by Inglorious Basterds' Mélanie Laurent), who awakens in a cryogenic pod. Not sure of who she is or how she got there, she must reconnect her memories to escape her newfound hellish nightmare. With oxygen running out, her immediate concern is time.

Laurent appears to carry much, if not all, of the film as Aja focuses heavily on her isolation within the pod - save an AI voice known only as MILO. A horror in its own right, the tight area should hit close to home for all of us, given the last year of pandemic-induced isolation.

Though the trailer is short, it's impossible to deny the claustrophobic vibes Aja is able to capture with his fluid camerawork inside the locked pod that appears overflowing with white lab rats. Though tight spaces make me immediately uncomfortable (as do rats of all shapes, colors, and sizes), I'm curious to see how this story plays out; Laurent's involvement only adds to my interest.

From a plot perspective, much is left unknown. Given the thriller aspect, that should not come as a surprise. We'll get all the details when Netflix releases Oxygen globally on May 12.


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