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CMR Contributors - 2016
CollegeMovieReview.com was founded in October of 2007 when a college student decided it was time for people to hear the opinions of average movie fans. So, in his one bedroom apartment, he spent his final semester at the University of Texas deriving a way to reach a young audience and knowledge them on what was worthy of their part-time paychecks. More writers have been brought on since that day, but they all share a common bond about movies. They each enjoy watching, talking about and analyzing media entertainment; however, none have been schooled in film criticism. They each represent a different sector of the movie market, crafting a way to connect with you, the reader, like a friend. While we focus on film, we also enjoy dabbing our noses in television, stage productions and music. There isn't a movie too small for our coverage, and we have an undying love for the underdog. Give us a try, we hope you like what you see!

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