Michael “Kills” Again in New Trailer for “Halloween” Sequel

Though initially said to be a one-off direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 classic, David Gordon Green's Halloween invigorated audiences of the franchise, offering the quality follow-up they had long been denied. The mainstream success, and Jamie Lee Curtis' involvement, lead to the announcement of two more sequels, a planned trilogy that would complete the saga for good.

Delayed by COVID-19, Halloween Kills, the first of the two new films, is set to invade theaters later this year. The film's new trailer, its first in months, offers a look at life after Michael, or so we all thought.

Picking up moments after Halloween's epic conclusion, we watch as Michael rises from the literal ashes and makes a beeline towards his childhood home, leaving a slew of bodies in his wake. The deaths appear violent and gruesome as the knife-wielding Myers takes no prisoners, waging war on his hometown as a handful of survivors prepare to fight the evil that refuses to die.

Laurie's granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak), appears to have a more significant role in this film, an assumed mark as the franchise possibly looks to pivot away from Curtis' Strode to a younger lead protagonist.

Co-starring Judy Greer, Will Patton, Frank Hawkins, Thomas Mann, and Anthony Michael Hall, Halloween Kills knives it's way into theaters on October 15.


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