“Jackass Forever” Trailer Will Have You Laughing and Wincing

At first glance, Jackass seemed like incredibly dumb television: a bunch of dudes challenging each other to increasingly painful dares? Who would watch that? A lot of people, apparently. And eventually a lot of them realized it was not only hilarious, but also kind of brilliant. When the third film – shot in 3-D, no less – premiered at the Museum of Modern Art, it just made sense. Even the spin-off film Bad Grandpa earned an Academy Award nomination.

But it's been more than a decade since the last proper Jackass film, and some of the guys now have grey hair and dentures, along with their battle scars. But that's all the more reason to be excited for Jackass Forever. The trailer immediately goes for the heartstrings with Johnny Cash's cover of "We'll Meet Again," but then quickly jumps into the bone-breaking, ball-bruising mayhem. And plenty of electrocution, too.

While there will be plenty of stunts that look par-for-the-course, the trailer does tease an exceptionally dangerous one. Some poor sap is strapped to a chair and drenched in honey and salmon, while a hungry bear approaches. I'm sure it will turn out just fine (or else they wouldn't have put it in the movie), but it should be a hilarious but nail-biting scene. Personally, I'd rather do that than have a spider crawl inside my helmet.

Jackass Forever hits theaters on October 22.


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