Disney+’s “Trevor: The Musical” Gets Early Pride Month Trailer Release

June is here, and we all know what that means: corporations (read studios) throw a ton of LGBTQIA+ proposals/projects/ideas at the wall, hoping that something sticks. Or at least pray that it carries a perception of inclusivity with the general public.

Disney+, in celebration of Pride Month, has just released the trailer for the upcoming Trevor: The Musical. The feature, a filmed version of the popular Off-Broadway stage production, centers on a 13-year-old who is navigating the rough waters of his own identity as he attempts to find his place in the challenging world of 1981. The musical is based on the 1995 Academy Award-winning short "Trevor," which inspired the creation of The Trevor Project, a non-profit focusing on suicide prevention in the LGBTQIA+ youth community.

While I feel the taped stage production model devalues the theater's heart and soul, I acknowledge that it has its place. Disney+ will bring more eyes and ears to the story, which isn't a bad thing. However, I wish its release wasn't in connection with Pride. Corporations need to expand their offerings outside the required 30 days of June. And with Disney-owned Hulu already debuting Fire Island and the final (and final) season of Love, Victor this month, the studio could easily spread the love.

That said, check out the trailer below and log in to catch the film's debut on June 24.


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