SXSW Review: Reincarnated


Director:Andy Capper

Cast:Snoop Dogg, Diplo, Dr. Dre, Damian Marley

Running Time:96.00


Any one that knows me knows I'm a rap and hip/hop fiend, so I immediately knew that Reincarnated was one I much check out. The documentary follows the iconic Snoop Dogg and his transformation into reggae music.

Reincarnated shares with us the newly named Snoop Lion's spiritual journey to Jamaica to reflect on his past career, failures, loves, regrets, and losses. The documentary shows us how Snoop's new sound will not only change himself but hopefully allow people to share peace and positivity through the power of reggae music.

Snoop is a fascinating character already, and I believe the movie helps answers peoples questions about why Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion. The film is done very well and is a true documentary. I think director Andy Capper did a very nice job capturing Snoop's emotions throughout his journey. I, as a fan, greatly appreciated the honesty Snoop gave us throughout this film.

Overall, Reincarnated is a good documentary about a rap/hip-hop icon that went through a journey to make himself a happier person and to create good music along the way. The film boosts many songs from his new reggae album, which I found to be very good. If you're a fan of music like myself, or you just find Snoop Dogg interesting, then you would like this documentary.


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