SXSW Review: The Short Game


Director:Josh Greenbaum


Running Time:90.00


Junior golfers from all over the world divulge onto the world famous Pinehurst Golf course in North Carolina to determine the next world champion. The Short Games tells the story of several young golfers and their families in an attempt to take the title. What you will see are the trials and tribulations that these young golfers have to go through and the sacrifices their families make so their children can become the best in the world. 

While I am one of the people who finds golf on TV very entertaining, The Short Game was just "ok" for me. While I think you can put any 7- to 8-year old in front of a camera and find laughs, the ones in Short Game are true characters.To me, some aspects of this film are overdone and took away from some of the children's stories. The music selection is subpar, and some camera shots are very over done. As for the characters they chose, they are all very interesting and really did save the film for me.

Overall, The Short Game is not a must-see documentary for golfers everywhere. I will say that if you do have children in competitive sports at a young age, then The Short Game would be a good movie to watch.


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