SXSW Review: Licks


Director:Jonathan Singer-Vine

Cast:Stanley "Doe" Hunt, Koran Streets, Tatiana Monet, Devon Libran

Running Time:97.00


There are just some films every now and then that really capture your attention and suck you into the story. For me Licks is one of those films.

The movie follows D, who is a young man that returns home from a two year stint in jail for a robbery gone wrong. As D's transformation continues, he soon realizes that life before he left feels the exact same way as when he came back. As we watch him navigate the harsh realities that plague his Oakland inner city community, we watch D's transformation from a lost boy into a strong man.

I think what really made this movie is the fact that what director Jonathan Singer-Vine caught on film is actually a day in young people's lives in Oakland. The cinematography is done very well, and you would have never known that 90% of the cast has never stood in front of a camera. The director, writers, and producers had never worked on a feature film before or even been on a feature film set.

Licks tells an important story: that life is very precious and that things do matter. I was very impressed with the actors who gave very good performances and really allowed the movie to become a true story. If you are in the mood for an interesting and smart drama, than I would definitely check out this film.


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