SXSW Review: Hawking


Director:Stephen Finnigan

Cast:Stephen Hawking, Nathan Chapple, Arthur Pelling, Martin King, Joe Lovell

Running Time:86.00


While there is no doubt that Stephen Hawking is an interesting and smart guy, Hawking is the epitome of an "alright" movie. I am really hard pressed to call this movie a documentary but more of a biographic that simply touches on someone's life.

In the world of science, Stephen Hawking is regarded as the smartest man on the planet. Told for the first time in his own words, Hawking shows us what a day in the life of the man who understands the cosmos is really like. The documentary gives us unprecedented access into his work, personal life, and thoughts that most have never seen before. This is an intimate and moving journey that takes you from boyhood under-achiever to PhD genius.  

If you're not really interested in space, math, or science, then you probably regret watching this movie. If you're a fan of Stephen Hawking, then you probably be asking more questions than the answers you find in the movie. The documentary really did leave me with the feeling that Stephan Hawking left big parts of his life out of the film.

If you're at a film festival and you're looking for an alright documentary to add to your list, then putting Hawking on there won't kill you, but I will say the best part of the experience will be getting a glimpse of the great scientist on the red carpet then on the silver screen.



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