Sundance Review: Frank


Director:Lenny Abrahamson

Cast:Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Scoot McNairy, Michael Fassbender

Running Time:95 Minutes


Soronprfbs, say that five times fast. If Devo and Genesis had a lovechild, Frank and his enigmatic pop band The Soronprfbs would be it.  Written and directed by Irish filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson, Frank tells the story about a young naïve musician/songwriter named Jon played by Domhnall Gleeson who is struggling to find his way in the music scene.  Until one day he has a chance encounter with the elusive and eccentric pop band The Soronprfbs led by Frank, a quirky and shy individual who always wears a giant deadmaus5- esque mask on his head.

After a brief chat, Jon is asked to join the band under bizarre circumstances, that same night they play their first gig together and it goes horribly wrong. A few days later he is asked to go with the band to perform a gig in Ireland. Once there, little does Jon know they retrieve to a cabin in the woods to record their latest album.  What ensues are a series of odd attempts to create an original sounding album.  Over the next series of months all of the band members start living on the fringe, losing touch with reality, or in some cases.

Written by Jon Ronson , Frank is loosely based on a memoir also by Jon Ronson about a former band mate of his named Chris Sievey, who in turn inspired the character Frank.  This film doesn't shy away from the struggles of mental illness, and I commend it for that because it does it in a very quirky, heartwarming way. Overall, Frank is an odd, manic depressive ride into the mysterious lives of The Soronprfbs and their new pal Jon. It should be experienced by those who like off the beaten path style films. You may find yourself grooving to the music in the process.

*Frank has been purchased by Magnolia Pictures.


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