Sundance Review: Drunktown’s Finest


Director:Sydney Freeland

Cast:Jeremiah Bitsui, Carmen Moore, Morningstar Wilson

Running Time:85.00


Breaking stereotypes can be hard. To be boxed in by a society that may see you in a certain way when you try to prove that you're much more than presumptions. That's the issue at hand for our three leads in Drunktown's Finest.

It's a solidly made film with good acting, but the only thing that makes this story fresh is its Navajo-reservation setting while the storylines fizzle.

Exhibit A: Morningstar Wilson's character. Her mission to learn of her roots is the least compelling of the three main stories. Meanwhile, Felicia's arc has an interesting premise, but it loses steam into predictability. And lastly, we come to the Luther aka Sick Boy arc. While this is the most ambitious of the three, his story is hampered by the "bad boy trying to get out the hood" cliche.

However, exploring modern Native American culture is something all Americans should do.This film may not be the finest tale ever made on a reservation, but it seems to have a storyteller who looks capable of finer things to come.


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