Sundance Review: Dinosaur 13


Director:Todd Douglas Miller


Running Time:105 Minutes


Directed by Todd Douglas Miller, Dinosaur 13 documents the extraordinary discovery of what some consider the biggest paleontological find in history: "Sue" The T- Rex dinosaur.

The giant fossil was found by Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, a group of superstar paleontologists led by brothers Pete and Neal Larson and named after the volunteer who first discovered the fossil Susan Hendrickson.  All members were ecstatic about the discovery, and while in the  midst of the preparation process to eventually have Sue on display in their museum, the FBI showed up to their doorstep to seize all of Black Hills research and hard work because  they deemed the fossils stolen property. A court battle ensued, and certain individual's careers become jeopardized.

A very solid freshman effort from Todd Douglas Miller, Dinosaur 13 is a heartbreaking look at the hard work Pete Larson and his crew put together, all to be taken away because of government agendas. The documentary is seamlessly put together with a culmination of great interviews and archival footage. It is a can't-miss look at the art of paleontology and Pete Larson's passion for fossils and the art of preserving history for other generations to examine and learn from.


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