Tom Holland Turns Will Smith Into a Pigeon in New “Spies in Disguise” Trailer

20th Century Fox’s Blue Sky Studios is working hard to repeat the success they saw with the global juggernaut Ice Age.  Though last year’s Ferdinand didn’t quite live up to the hype the studio is hoping to get back on course, this time by way of Spies in Disguise, an oddball comedy starring Will Smith and Tom Holland.

Inspired by Lucas Martell’s 2009 short, the film follows super-spy Lance Sterling (Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Holland), complete opposites in nearly every way imaginable, as they are forced to team up on a huge case thanks entirely to an unplanned experiment that has turned Lance into a cute, tiny…pigeon.  Though the most common bird in the world is a great disguise, it limits Lance’s ability to, you know…spy.  This, in turn, sets off a wild and crazy adventure filled with, well…I’m not entirely sure.

The film’s new trailer focused almost entirely on Lance’s transformation, bypassing any plot reveal detailing the ultimate mission that will likely take up the majority of the film.  Whether this is clever advertising or an enormous oversight will only be understood when the film hits theaters this Christmas.

Since Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox earlier this year, there has been much speculation as to whether the powerhouse studio will maintain Blue Sky.  Spies in Disguise has already been pushed from its original September 13 release, and many believe that the success of this film could go a long way in determining the future of the Greenwich, Connecticut studio.  No pressure.


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