Prosthetic Eye Camera Captures All in “The Gracefield Incident” Trailer

What would you do if you were a video game editor with a prosthetic eye? Well, if you’re Matthew Donovan, you would embed an iPhone camera into the eye to secretly record a weekend getaway with friends. But what starts out innocent enough (definitely creepy though) quickly turns horrifying as Matthew and his friends witness a meteorite crash and go to investigate.

This clever take on a handheld, first person POV thriller even has ties to reality. It was recently publicized that filmmaker Rob Spence turned his prosthetic eye into a tiny camera and the timing of The Gracefield Incident trailer feels almost too coincidental.

Coincidental or not, The Gracefield Incident looks ready to take people along for the cyborg ride when it hits theaters July 21, 2017. Watch the trailer below.


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