“Super Dark Times” Debuts Thrilling New Trailer

The Orchard has just released a trailer for the forthcoming Super Dark Times, a rare coming of age nightmare that, by the looks of it, is as character driven as it is thrilling.

Taking place before the Columbine High School massacre, Super Dark Times follows teens Zach and Josh who are best friends in a small Upstate New York where their lives revolve around hanging out, vying for popularity and traversing first love. But in an instant the ties that bind their friendship quickly begin to unravel when a traumatic event occurs between them.

Visually the film appears fantastic with a beautiful retro look to it. Just by the trailer, it looks to have fantastic acting and incredible cinematography. David Ehrlich from Indiewire said it best by calling it a “cross between Stand By Me and Donnie Darko.”

Super Dark Times is the feature debut of Kevin Philips, whose critically acclaimed short film “Too Cool for School” premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The films stars Owen Philips and Charlie Tahan and is set to be released in New York, Los Angeles and addition markets on September 29, a few days before digital and on-demand on October 3rd.


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