Netflix Doc Asks WWSLD?

What Would Sophia Loren Do? To some, that may seem an odd role model. In fact, Sophia Loren herself doesn’t get it. But to Nancy “Vincenza” Kulik, an Italian-American grandmother in New Jersey, it’s her life’s motto.

In Netflix’s new documentary short, What Would Sophia Loren Do?, director Ross Kauffman sits down with both Kulik and the iconic Loren to talk about life and its many challenges. Cheerful and resilient, Kulik has spent her life inspired by asking herself what movie star Sophia Loren would do in every situation, trivial to big challenges. For example, “Would Sophia Loren eat whole wheat pasta?” Nancy doesn’t think so. But Loren’s imaginary presence has also helped guide her through the grief and loss of a child and life’s saddest moments. Determined and resilient, just like her big screen heroine, this short documentary is a heartwarming look at two women with very different lives but strikingly similar attitudes.

With a 32-minute runtime, What Would Sophia Loren Do? is produced by Robin Honan and executive produced by Regina K. Scully, Geralyn W. Dreyfous and Jamie Wolf. See the trailer below and watch it on Netflix now.


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