Miles Warren’s “Bruiser” Gets Trailer Ahead of Hulu Debut

Hulu has just released a trailer for their forthcoming original film, Onyx Collective’s Bruiser.

The film marks Miles Warren’s feature debut, telling a story about fathers, families, and the effects of toxic masculinity. Till’s Jalyn Hall stars as Darious, a 14-year-old kid who explores his own boundaries through a string of interactions with Malcolm, his strict father, and Porter, a drifter.

Eloquent and simplistic in nature, the trailer adopts Warren’s artistic poignancy, allowing the characters to tell their own story. Though it does give away quite a bit of the ultimate narrative, it’s a testament to Warren’s vision, fully adopting his stylistic approach to a story that is both personal and universal.

Co-starring 2023 Independent Spirit Award Nominee Trevante Rhodes, Shamier Anderson, and Shingle Azoroh, Bruiser hits the streamer on February 24.


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