Kinnaman Enters the Crosshairs in First “The Informer” Trailer

Ever since his turn as Stephen Holder on AMC’s The Killing, actor Joel Kinnaman has crafted a career around his ability to authentically portray rough, down on their luck characters with a soft, heartfelt core.

Based on the first trailer for Aviron Pictures’ The Informer, you can add the role of Pete Koslow to that list.

The film chronicles the life of Pete Koslow, an honorably discharged Special Ops soldier who finds himself on the wrong end of the law after a fight to protect his wife lands him in jail.  To get an early release he becomes an informant for the FBI.  But when things turn south, and an undercover NYPD officer is killed during the sting, Koslow finds himself back behind bars and in the scope of both the mob and the FBI.

Kinnaman looks to have gotten in pretty fantastic shape for the role - though many would argue that he has always had the abs…and the grit.  Based on the trailer’s dark, grainy, and dangerous look, the film appears to be high on the action.  While having Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, and Common starring in supporting roles gives The Informer some clout, whether that translates into something entertaining is still to be seen.

The Informer hits theaters on March 22.


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