Kevin James Coaches Up in Netflix’s “Home Team” Trailer

It’s been a minute since we saw Taylor Lautner in a feature-length project—five years to be exact. The Twilight star returns opposite Kevin James in Netflix’s sports comedy Home Team, which just got its first trailer.

James stars as Sean Payton, head coach of the New Orleans Saints. When Payton is suspended for a year for involvement in a bounty scandal, he returns to his hometown. While there, he finds himself reconnecting with his son, whose Pop Warner football team is in desperate need of another coach. Lautner plays the current leader, more than keen to have Payton on board.

Somewhat centered around the real-life suspension of Payton in 2012, the film is likely to feature a wealth of creative liberties. Co-written by Payton’s son-in-law Christopher Titone and Keith Blum, the rags to riches storyline bears a strong resemblance to early 90s favorites The Mighty Ducks and Little Giants.

Produced by Happy Madison and Hey Eddie Productions, Home Team co-stars Rob Schneider, Jackie Sandler, and Gary Valentine. It hits the streamer on January 28.


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