Joe Crosses the Pond in New “You” Season 4 Trailer

Netflix’s favorite serial killer is back on the scene, this time in London. After escaping his suburban life, Joe is determined to start fresh in a new country, teaching at a posh university. As he falls in with a glamorous group, he must resist old habits while someone close by stalks him with his own secrets.

In the newest trailer for You’s fourth season, we see Joe settling into his new British life, with fresh faces and new mine fields to traverse. It’s clear that this group of privileged youth aren’t as openly trusting as those Joe has met stateside. It’s a fun twist for a show known for changing the setting each season, especially considering that star Penn Badgley rose to fame in a similar “outsider infiltrates the wealthy” role on Gossip Girl many moons ago.

See the new trailer below and catch Part 1 of You’s fourth season on Netflix on February 9, with Part 2 to follow on March 9.


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