Franco Returns Us to 1969 Hollywood in “Zeroville” Trailer

It appears everyone is cashing in on the 1969 Hollywood vibe thanks to the success of Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

The long-shelved James Franco directed Zeroville is one looking to cash in on the renewed interest. Based on the just-released first trailer, we are hoping that this trend dies quickly.

Zeroville, based on the Steve Erickson penned novel, tells the story of Vikar (Franco), a lost soul who is trying aimlessly to find his footing in the hustle and bustle of the movie industry. Initially finding work building sets, the up and comer soon becomes an apprentice editor to Dotty Langer (Jacki Weaver). But it is his eventual introduction to screen beauty Soledad (Megan Fox) that looks to challenge his perception of reality as he works to navigate the evolving industry landscape.

A directorial endeavor taken on before Franco's much-praised The Disaster Artist, Zeroville struggles to grab your attending during its longer than usual trailer. An immediate comparison to Tarantino's flick is unavoidable, and it doesn't do Franco or his film any good.

Though the Academy Award-nominated actor got some help from a few high profile friends including Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Joey King, it's hard to get excited about what we've seen here.  It just doesn’t seem to be funny or of decent quality. I hope I'm wrong; however, I do know that I am not encouraged.

Check out the trailer below and be the judge for yourself. Zeroville hits theaters September 20.


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