Fake Relationships are Key in Netflix’s “Wedding Season”

Years may go by, but there will always be parents eager to see their kids married. That’s especially true for Asha (Pahlavi Sharda) and Ravi (Suraj Sharma) in new Netflix film Wedding Season. After breaking off her engagement and leaving a successful banking career, Asha can’t fend off her mother’s attempts to set her up on online dating sites. Ravi, unemployed and single, is put in the same boat by his parents. Determined to avoid setups and questions over the wedding season, the two strike a bargain to pretend to be a couple and go as each other’s dates to fend off their parents. In an unsurprising twist, spending three months together may just help Asha and Ravi see that their feelings may not just be purely friendship.

Two people pretending to be in a relationship for convenience is a well-known romance trope, but it’s a trope for a reason. Reliably fun and cute, Wedding Season takes a common trope and layers it over traditional Indian family values and celebrations. I’m more than sure Bollywood has been telling these stories for decades, but it’s fun to see a similar story hit mainstream Netflix.

Directed by Tom Dey and written by Shiwani Srivastava, Wedding Season arrives on Netflix on August 4.


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