Emotions Run Heavy in First Trailer for Anthony Hopkins Starrer “One Life”

Emotions Are Heavy in First Trailer for Anthony Hopkins Starrer "One Life"

A picture can say a lot, but the story behind the captured moment is all the more telling.

So is the case with One Life, the true story of Nicholas "Nicky" Winton, a young London broker who visited Prague in December 1938, bearing witness to the harsh and ruthless living conditions that many Jewish families faced as Hitler's reign closed in around them.

In an act of courage and humanity, Winton worked to pull resources, ultimately saving at least 669 children from the grips of the Nazis. Though he rarely wanted to talk about it, often seeing his efforts as a failure given his inability to save them all, he reluctantly shared his story with the world at large.

Johnny Flynn and Anthony Hopkins embody the timeless hero at different points of his life as the film regularly flips between 1938 and 1988. The gap in time brings a different element to the story as we witness the events that shape Winton's moral compass and the effects the work has on himself and his family.

Directed by James Hawes, One Life co-stars Lena Olin, Romola Garai, Alex Sharp, Martha Keller, Jonathan Pryce, and Helena Bonham Carter. Watch the trailer below and catch the remarkable film when it hits theaters on March 15.


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