Emilia Clarke Falls in Love in “Last Christmas” Trailer

Though the nation is still experiencing the after-effects of a torturous heatwave, it is, by calendar standards, beginning to feel a bit like Christmas - even if it is all in our head. To celebrate the upcoming season (and hopefully cooler temperatures), Universal has just unveiled the first trailer for their holiday offering, Last Christmas.

Directed by comedic mastermind Paul Feig and written by Academy Award winner Emma Thompson, Last Christmas tells the story of Kate (Emilia Clarke), an aspiring singer who leaves a trail of bad decisions in her wake as she galavants around in an elf suit, all thanks to her job at a year-round Christmas shop.

But then Tom (Henry Golding) enters the picture.

Based on the trailer Last Christmas looks to be nothing more than a star-studded Hallmark Christmas movie event. I’m hoping it offers a bit more, but then again, we all find ourselves glued to the television, hell-bent on catching endless hours of feel-good simplicity by way of love, mistletoe, and holiday cheer. So maybe Universal is on to something here.

Co-starring Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson and featuring music by George Michael, including the holiday classic of the film’s title, Last Christmas hopes to enchant audiences when it hits theaters on November 8.


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