Amazon Goes Big as Mike Cahill’s “Bliss” Gets Trippy First Trailer

Over the last year, streaming services have excelled. In large part a response to the global health crisis, high caliber films have bypassed theaters for mass consumption on the small screen.

Enter Bliss, visionary director Mike Cahill's newest film. A large, out of this world concept, backed by two Hollywood juggernauts in Owen Wilson and Selma Hayek, the film is the prime example of a production meant for theaters that will, instead, debut on a streaming service - in this case, Amazon Prime.

Though Amazon Studios has been on board since the beginning, it's hard to fathom a film of this magnitude not getting the theatrical treatment outside of the current climate. While I'm learning to deal, the newly released trailer makes me yearn for things on a larger scale.

Wilson plays Greg, a recently divorced father whose life is quickly falling apart. One day he meets Isabel (Hayek), a woman living on the streets who is convinced that everything around them is a computer simulation, tricking the mind into building an appreciation for the real world. Greg is doubtful at first but slowly begins to see the possibilities and open himself to the speculation that Isabel's theories could be true.

Part science fiction, part mind-bending love story, Bliss undoubtedly looks visually impressive. Hopefully, the story is of equal quality. We'll all find out when the film debuts globally on February 5.


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