Fantastic Fest Review: The Man From Nowhere


Director:Lee Jung-beom

Cast:Bin Won, Sae-Ron Kim

Running Time:114 Minutes


If you are looking for some drop kicking action, The Man From Nowhere is the movie for you.  Starring Bin Won, Korea's equivalent to America's Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Lee Jung-beom, this film is full of action, adrenaline and non-stop fun.  I expected little and can honestly say that I was blown away with what I saw.

In the film Won goes on a one-man vendetta slicing, stabbing, shooting, and blowing up an entire camp of pimps, pushers, and organ harvesters; all to save a young girl from captivity.   While Won steals the show, the overall acting is hardly something to turn your nose up at. 
The fight scenes are intense, the drama entertaining and the plotline acceptable.  But the real attraction here is the camera work. Jung-beom emphasizes the action, working to capture unique shots that help make the movie more appealing as the story develops.

I must warn that the film is very bloody.  However The Man From Nowhere warrants the intense violence as it plays into the story and increases its overall appeal to those watching.  The script does a nice job with character development.  And as we learn more about the characters and their history we become invested in the story, hoping for a particular ending that will leave everything right in the
world.  In his performance, Won shows he is passionate about his role, creating a protagonist worth fighting for.  He puts a stamp on this film, showing viewers just how entertaining and well made a foreign action film can

Before seeing this film I was unaware of Won and Korean movies in general.  Now both are on my radar, and for good reason. Simply put, The Man From Nowhere is a cool movie.  Everything about it kept me interested as we finally get to see an alternative to the typical Asian action film using the Jackie Chan formula.  Definitely be on the lookout for Won in the coming years, he is sure to hit it big and become a household name in America.  And right now this film is definitely worth your time and money; if you are
fortunate enough to see it in theaters, don't miss out! 


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