Review: The Love Guru


Director:Marco Schnabel

Cast:Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Romany Malco, Verne Troyer

Running Time:88.00


Known more for his character of Austin Powers than anything else, Mike Myers has created a reputation for his off-the-wall and ridiculously addicting humor. Originating some of the most clever and quotable lines in all of cinema, the "˜International Man of Mystery' knows how to produce.

However, it has been nearly five years since audiences caught a glimpse of Myers on the big screen, and that was in the kid friendly The Cat in the Hat. Since then, audiences and the way comedy is presented has changed drastically. Hell, Juno was a huge hit; yet it didn't contain a single gross out line and it definitely didn't appeal to the young and educationally challenged. Instead, it was full of wit, humor and a realistic adventure; three things that Myers is not known for creating.

Regardless, Myers is looking to return to his roots as he presents another original character, Guru Pitka, in this summer's nonsense comedy, The Love Guru. Unfortunately, the form and style that Myers' trademarked with Austin Powers back in 1997 has come and gone. As a result, audiences are left watching a once comedic legend that can't break from his own ways, continue to attempt to make funny movies that are as stupid and pointless as they come.

Having preformed opposite such high profile stars as Dakota Fanning, Beyonce and the 'it' girl of 1997 Elizabeth Hurley, Myers has always had a knack for surrounding himself with stellar costars "“ and this time around is no different. Scoring the talent and name of such Hollywood heavyweights as Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Ben Kingsley, Myers and company looked to be just steps away from anther billion dollar franchise "“ but somewhere, something went wrong, horribly wrong.

For starters, the story just isn't that interesting. Sure it is weird, goofy, unrealistic and random, but it isn't unique or even funny. In fact, it is rather stupid.

Playing off pop culture obsessions like the 'Oprah Winfrey Show' and ice hockey, okay maybe not the second one, The Love Guru loses its audience as they try to decipher the true meaning of the film. I mean, for a little while I thought I was sitting in on an advance screening of Meet the Spartans 2: The Lost Footage. And every time I thought that the film had finally found its footing and was headed in the right direction, Myers went back to his old bag of tricks and rerouted the plot for a stop at total disaster.

Regretfully, that isn't all as the cast is so bad that many will leave the theater traumatized for days if not months "“ okay, maybe not for months.

Mike Myers, who is suppose to make people of all ages laugh until they cry, fails miserable in his turn as the Love Guru. Not only does his writing contain no wit but it lacks that clever sarcastic tone that makes his performances so memorable.

In addition, Myers has difficulty with his delivery throughout the entire feature. For some reason, his timing is just off. His jokes aren't seen as being comedic and his interactions with his many costars are lifeless and bland.

Also starring in the film are Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake, two actors who are still trying to find their niche in the film business, who give truly dreadful performances as Jane Bullard and Jacques Grande respectively. Separately, the two stars are on separate paths, heading in opposite directions. However, when put together, the two make a bee line for one another as they produce one of the worst train wrecks that I have seen in the last several years.

However, I do have to admit that it isn't entirely, if at all, the actor's fault. The script was really that pathetic.

To be completely frank, the script just isn't funny. Unlike Myers' previous films, The Love Guru lacks creativity, insight and actual humor. And the most disappointing part, Guru Pitka wasn't even a fun character. He consistently seems trapped by both the plot and characters around him, unable to spread his wings and become an icon of his own accord. In fact, I would honestly have to say that Guru Pitka is one of the least funny characters that has graced the big screen this summer "“ right in front of the five leads in Prince Caspian but behind Mark Wahlberg's performance in The Happening. Truly dreadful I know.


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