Review: The Amazing Spider-Man


Director:Marc Webb

Cast:Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field

Running Time:136 Minutes


What the hell is the point of another Spider-Man movie? It's
a question everyone seems to be asking in the weeks leading up to this newest
adaptation.  Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man is only ten years old, and
the third in the series is a mere five years old.  So why on earth would anyone think it was a good idea to
reboot the series so soon?

The answer, of course, is that we are living in a world
where nerds rule.  Somehow, in the
last 20 years, nerds have taken over. 
And Peter Parker is the nerd to end all nerds.  This new series is designed to appease the nerd rage that
occurred during the original series. 
Parker is awkward.  He
struggles with his new identity and powers.  He has to create his webbing through science instead of a
natural power.  And his first
girlfriend is Gwen Stacy.  This is
a faithful adaptation.

Is it perfect? No. Spider-Man's villain in this film is Dr.
Curt Connors, a scientist working on cross-species genetics.  Missing his right arm, Connors is a man
inspired by his limitations.  As a
herpetologist, he takes his knowledge of lizards' ability to re-grow limbs and
applies that to his own genetics. 
But his hubris (along with a boss who rushes him) causes him to test it
on himself far too quickly.  He
then transforms into The Lizard, a 12-foot tall beast bent on turning everyone
into similar creatures.

The Lizard's CGI is lacking.  Reminiscent of the Abomination from the Edward Norton-led The Incredible Hulk, it's a little
cheesy.  The dialogue leaves a lot
to be desired, particularly any time news broadcasts can be heard.  And the plot, at times, is too similar
to what we've already seen. 
However, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have great chemistry.  The film has the sense of fun for which
Spider-Man comics are known.  And
most importantly, Spider-Man is exciting again. Isn't that the point?


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