Sundance Review; Sound City


Director:Dave Grohl

Cast:Dave Grohl, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, Krist Novoselic, Frank Black

Running Time:108.00


I'll be honest, the subject of this film is near and
dear to my heart. First-time director and Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl
is the inspiration for many musicians working today, including me. This
documentary just added fuel to an already lit fire.

Made up of mostly interviews and vintage footage, Sound
City was originally supposed to be a short film. When interest in being
interviewed grew to almost unmanageable numbers, Dave decided it would be
better to make it a feature. Bands like Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and
the Heartbreakers, and Fear have made their name at the famous (but
unfortunately now closed) Sound City recording studio in Van Nuys, California.
This film chronicled the love, hate, frustration, and sheer joy of making music
for the world to hear. Shot remarkably well and riddled with a killer
soundtrack, the film is a nostalgic look at our musical past, and thanks to
Grohl buying the Neve console from the original studio and putting it in his
own, the magical sound of Sound City will live on into our musical future. 


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