Sundance Review: Prince Avalanche


Director:David Gordon Green

Cast:Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch, Lance LeGault

Running Time:94 Minutes


David Gordon
Green's Prince Avalanche was born out
of two places: a remake of an Icelandic film called Either Way and a dream Green had where he made a movie called Prince Avalanche. While the original
story came might have come from that Icelandic film, the personality of the
film is all Green's dream.

A very low-key film, Avalanche finds Paul Rudd's Alvin and Emile
Hirsch's Lance slowly making their way down a central Texas road, painting the
yellow divider lines. The two spend the film working, drinking, and discussing
the opposite sex as they meander along. There is not a whole lot of plot here,
but that is not the point. This is a character piece illustrating two charming
but very flawed people stuck in the most average of lives. Rudd might not go
too far out of his comfort zone, but he is every bit as entertaining as usual.
Emile Hirsch, as Lance recalls both the look and personality of a young Jack
Black, is the dumb but sweet brother of Alvin's girlfriend. This film might not
challenge you, but if you're looking for a remarkably pleasant hour and a half,
look no further.


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