Review: Jackass 3-D


Director:Jeff Tremaine

Cast:Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius

Running Time:94.00


What can I say, Jackass
3D is hilarious! As an avid watcher of the TV show and the previous two
movies, this one is hands down the best. The stunts are over the top, the cast
is funny, and the shenanigans are wilder than ever. In one word, this movie is

This time around Knoxville and his crew do some wild things.
Whether it's getting smacked by a giant hand, wretched by a jet engine, shot by
a barrage of paintballs while flying through the air, rammed by an animal, or
performing crazy styled jumps with jet skis, Jackass 3D makes sure you feel the intense agony these guys went
through, but capture it in a way that fans will find funny.

Like the show, the movie has no narrative. Rather, it's composed
of nonstop stunts, pranks and stupid tricks. While Knoxville does some crazy
stuff,  Steve-O and Chris Pontius,
stars of the Jackass TV 'spin-off "Wildboyz", are both still game to tackle
whatever Knoxville makes them eat, wear, or in Pontius' case, not wear. Bam
Margera is also back, terrorizing his parents Phil and April, with Dave
England, Ehren McGheghey and Ryan Dunn. And then there's Preston Lacy and Wee
Man, whose contrast in physical size continues to be a great source of humor.

The movie is in 3-D which adds a whole new element of
craziness to it. Director Jeff Tremaine did a good job in capturing the impact
shoots while also showing the guys reactions after they got beaten or trampled
by something.

I don't want to spoil too much of this movie, but fans will
truly find enough body fluids, hits, and crazy stunts to keep them laughing
throughout the movie. Watching these guys go at it was truly a funny experience
and at their age I hope they will give it one more shot. If you caught yourself
laughing at anything these guys have done before then you should go check out "Jackass 3D" for sure. 



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