Review: Jack and Jill


Director:Dennis Dugan

Cast:Adam Sandler, Al Pacino, Katie Holmes

Running Time:93 Minutes


Let me start by saying that as bad as the trailer was for Adam
Sandler's new comedy Jack and Jill,
the movie is much worse. I'm not exaggerating; this movie is where jokes and
reputations go to die.

Adam Sandler plays Jack, a top advertising executive and twin
brother to Jill (also played by Sandler).  Jill comes out for a short holiday trip, but ends up staying
much longer that her brother had imagined.  When an unexpected demand comes from one of Jack's clients,
he sees an opportunity to use his sister to his own advantage. The plot is so thin
they had to pull in well-known celebrities to distract us from its absurdity "“
it didn't work.

The film is offensive in a way that could never be mistaken for
comedy. A majority of the time I was wishing for the movie to end and was
honestly surprised it was only an hour and a half long. Most of my emotions
were that of anger for the film being so completely lazy.

Clearly, the acting and casting were definitely part of the
problem. As Jack's wife, Katie Holmes is there to simply scold Jack when he gets
out of line. Of his two children, the son is one the weirdest and most
disturbed character I've ever seen. And I was just embarrassed for Al Pacino.
The male Adam Sandler was barely in the film, and the female version was
everything that funny is not.

The best part of Jack and
Jill was the very beginning when they had actual twins talking about their
lives together. At this moment, I thought maybe I was actually going to enjoy
myself. But after those scenes had passed, the film seemed to implode on itself.

Stupid comedy works from time and time. It even makes multiple
viewings better when you can laugh at the disastrous results of a bad movie. Jack and Jill really isn't like that.
You might be a masochist if you ever thought about seeing this twice.

So, I can't really sugarcoat my opinion on this one. I hated
everything that was Jack and Jill.
You could go see the film to understand just how bad it is, but even then it's
not worth it. Watch a bad-but-hilarious movie like Troll 2 instead.


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