Review: Diana


Director:Oliver Hirschbiegel

Cast:Naomi Watts, Naveen Andrews, Douglas Hodge, Juliet Stevenson, Charles Edwards

Running Time:113.00


Diana and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad movie.  This movie chronicles Diana's, Princess of Wales (Naomi Watts), last two years and her relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan (Naveen Adrews). The source material for this film is compelling enough, but the lack of cohesive storylines and overall direction make this turn into a tacky made for TV special.

The relationship depicted on screen between Diana and Dr. Khan is a joke. Diana has found her first true love in Dr. Khan, but his family disapproves of the relationship. Among other things, this is a man uncomfortable with the spotlight, the celebrity, and the tabloids. Their relationship is very juvenile in a sense, and it turns campy rather quickly.  Diana, at times, is seen as a cold and very calculated woman.

Naomi Watts, a fabulous Oscar-nominated actress, plays a shadow of a woman here. I'll give her a pass and point the blame to the script and direction. Naveen Andrews, a talented actor in his own right, plays to the part here and doesn't bring any charisma or energy to the table. In the end, the chemistry between the two leads is frustrating and nonexistent. Director Olive Hirschbiegel of The Invasion tantalizes the audience with a very weak and non- cohesive story ofDiana.

In the end, Diana doesn't portray the Princess of Wales as the humanitarian that  she is known to be; instead the film focuses on the last two years of her life when she is going through a divorce and starting relationships with a few other men. It just doesn't warrant the big screen treatment. The film that should have been made would have chronicled the life and humanitarian work Princess Diana. Now that would captivate and entertain audiences alike and honor the life and charity that Diana was known for.


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