Sundance Review: After You Left


Director:Jef Taylor

Cast:Michael Tisdale, Joanne Tucker, Dylan McCullough

Running Time:21 Minutes


After You Left is a strange concoction, equal parts bleak comedy and
potent drama, but the story isn't a shocker. It's about love lost. Mat and Sara
(Tisdale and Tucker, respectively) have broken up, and Mat hasn't moved on.
You've seen it a thousand times before. And that's precisely the reason After
You Left works. It feels so natural, so close to home; like watching two real people
try to figure out what to do with each other. Although clearly inspired by
films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Taylor's film is unique: his
camera is impeccable, the script jumps from heart-wrenching to hilarious
without hesitation and, most importantly, it's born of something immediate and
personal. Tisdale, in particular, is fantastic: his performance is never
overwrought and always believable, always recognizable. After You Left is the
kind of passionate, intimate filmmaking that doesn't come around often. Make
sure to check it out.

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