Ethan Hawke Arrives “In a Valley of Violence” in New Trailer

Ethan Hawke, a cute dog, and the open West. It may sound like a cute flick for the whole family, but it’s the set-up for a brutal, bloody Western. In the new trailer for writer-director Ti West’s In the Valley of Violence, Hawke is a drifter with a shady past and a certain set of skills that make him a nightmare for men like John Travolta’s merciless Marshal.

West is the master behind such terrifying fare as The House of the Devil, and his take on the western genre looks like it’ll offer a nice combination of blood-curdling brilliance and bone-crushing action. Plus, he has a great cast to work with: American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Karen Gillan, and The Wire’s James Ransone all join Hawke and Travolta in Denton.

Oh yes, you read that right—the “valley of violence” is actually Denton. However, hopefully you Dentonites and DFW residents out there don’t find anything in this trailer familiar…

In a Valley of Violence hits theaters and On Demand on October 21.


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