Dory Finally Gets Her Own Poster

Pixar is going back to the vault as they return to the sea for this summer’s highly anticipated sequel Finding Dory. Let’s hope it’s better than the studio’s other recent sequel duds; I’m looking at you Monsters University and Cars 2!

Just keep swimming the blue tang fish told us, well…looks like she took her own words to heart as she recruits the help of her friends in an effort to unlock her past and reconnect with her family. Throughout the journey we get to see some of our most beloved characters (along with some fresh faces) as Ellen Degeneres returns to voice our favorite fish with amnesia, the unforgettable (forgetful) Dory.

With the newest poster for Finding Dory you get an instant sense of nostalgia as our beloved title character is front and center, surrounded by a colorful collage of sea creatures, showcasing some old friends and potential new friendly faces.

Joining Degeneres and co-star Albert Brooks on this deep-sea adventure is Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Ty Burrell and Idris Elba. And with summer merely a few months away, we’ve all just got to swim a little more to get to June 17th. It is then that we will finally get a glimpse into what makes Dory...well, Dory.


Finding Dory Poster Release



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