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Two years ago, Guillermo Diaz took over one of Showtime's most popular shows, 'Weeds,' with his unique and addictive take on wannabe drug-lord Guillermo Garcia Gomez. Tapped with a strong chemistry with leading lady Mary Louise Parker, as well as some creative story lines, Diaz's role took off during the course of season four, which is available on both DVD and Blu-Ray today. Now, as the show is set to head into its season five premiere, Diaz's fate isn't quite clear, a spot that he enjoys greatly from the comforts of his interview chair.

While this isn't his first time to take the screen, it is one of his most mainstream roles, and Guillermo was open with us as he discussed his character, the show and that all intrusive season four cliffhanger. First off, tell me a bit about your character Guillermo, and how he fits into the Weeds story.

Guillermo Diaz: He definitely came in with a cocky attitude and the mindset that he is going to take over this weed dealing business. And when he first meets Nancy, he is intrigued. There is something off by her that he loves. And I think she feels the same about him in some odd way. She sort of likes him but is scared of him at the same time.

CMR: You weren't involved with the series when it initially debuted. So what was the process of you getting attached after the show had already begun to make a name for itself?

GD: It was just another audition. It was suppose to be for one episode with the possibility of maybe coming back for one or two more. I ended up doing four episodes that third season. People liked my character and felt the chemistry between me and Mary Louise Parker [was strong] and they just wrote me into the bulk of Season 4. It was completely unexpected.

CMR: Season 4 came with a huge change for Nancy, and really allowed your character to flourish. Did that bring on any added pressures for you, as an actor?

GD: Absolutely. But if I would have thought about it, I would have freaked myself out. I knew I was going to be in Season 4 more, but didn't know exactly how much. I had to up my game and be ready for it. And then it just starts happening, it just becomes a fun, roller coaster ride.

CMR: You guys don't have a lot of famous guest stars like other shows. How do you and the rest of the cast keep things fresh day in and day out?

GD: Chalk a lot of it up to the writers. They are so talented in the stuff that they come up with. I read the script the week before and we are just amazed with the stuff that is happening. And we do have some exciting guest stars coming in with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alanis Morrseetee, so it does happen occasionally. But most of my stuff is with Mary Louise Parker, and she is so good that she makes me better by just standing there.

CMR: At the end of last season, you weren't left in the best shape. What can we expect from you this coming season?

GD: My character, as you know, is in prison. The show does pick up right where it left off last year; so you get to see that process of what just happened to Nancy. You get to see what happens right after she tells the news and what happens the day after. But with my character, he is kind of knocked down a notch in his hierarchy. I don't think he expected to be in prison. I think he got a little too cocky, and now he is like 'oh shit, I got busted.' So he is now a bit more humble. But at the same time, he is excited a bit because Nancy is his reason for him being in prison. He has a whole new vibe now.

CMR: So, how many seasons can we expect to see out of you and Guillermo?

GD: I'm considered a recurring role on the show. They will just tell me a few weeks before we start shooting that I am on hold for a certain number of episodes for that particular season.

Guillermo Diaz and the entire cast of 'Weeds' can be seen Monday nights at 10 PM on Showtime.


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