New Trailer for Animated “Justice League Dark”

This week DC Animation released the first trailer for the upcoming Justice League Dark, the newest chapter in the highly successful Animated DC Comics Universe from Warner Brothers.

Justice League Dark delves into the mystical realm of the DC universe, tackling much of the same content that Guillerno del Toro has been rumored to be developing into a live action film. Maybe if this home video release does well enough those rumors will become a reality, though I wouldn’t hold my breath. The film will involve the likes of supernatural heroes Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Etrigan and Batman as they team up to take on supernatural villains and demons that are invading Earth.


Justice League Dark takes place in the DC Animated Universe that has been established with other films like Justice League: War, Justice League: Atlantis and the various Batman films. The JLD animated film looks amazing with spectacular animation and, like every other DC Animated film, will feature amazing voice talent including Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Jerry O’Connell as Superman and Jason O’Mara as Batman. It will also introduce Alfred Molina as Destiny, Camilla Luddington as Zatanna and Nicholas Turturro as Deadman. Oh, and for all you fans of NBC’s short lived Constantine, Matt Ryan is back, reprising his role as the cursing, drinking, smoking defender of humanity against the dark arts John Constantine.

After the success of the R-rated Batman: The Killing Joke, Justice League Dark will also carry an R rating. It is set for a Blu-Ray and DVD release on February 7, 2017.


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