Honoring Women Trailblazers in Hollywood

For decades women have been molding the way we watch both television and film.  From cult sitcoms to bold, sexy dramas, audiences rarely know about the late night meetings, constant rejection and behind closed door handshakes that ultimately lead to a change in business culture.

Over the next two weeks we salute woman who have taken chances and used their power to promote change.  Whether it be behind the camera, in the spotlight, in a corporate office on the fiftieth floor or embracing the pushing of the proverbial envelope, these woman stepped out of the box, leaving the world of normalcy and setting the tone for our future.

While there is no way to grant every Female Trailblazer their earned acknowledgment, we highlight fifteen that have pushed down walls and set forth a new standard when it comes to what, how and why we choose to be entertained by way of the big and small screen.

For the next two weeks we will add a new name to the list every day and explain our rationale for their inclusion.  Check back daily to gain some insight on the power and influence that you may have never known about.

-Stephen Davis


About Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis
I owe this hobby/career to the one and only Stephanie Peterman who, while interning at Fox, told me that I had too many opinions and irrelevant information to keep it all bottled up inside. I survived my first rated R film, Alive, at the ripe age of 8, it took me months to grasp the fact that Julia Roberts actually died at the end of Steel Magnolias, and I might be the only person alive who actually enjoyed Sorority Row…for its comedic value of course. While my friends can drink you under the table, I can outwatch you when it comes iconic, yet horrid 80s films like Adventures in Babysitting and Troop Beverly Hills. I have no shame when it comes to what I like, and if you have a problem with that, then we’ll settle it on the racquetball court. I see too many movies to actually win any film trivia contest, so don’t waste your first pick on me. My friends rent movies from my bookcase shelves, and one day I do plan to start charging. I long to live in LA, where my movie obsession will actually help me fit in, but for now I am content with my home in Austin. I prefer indies to blockbusters, Longhorns to Sooners and Halloween to Friday the 13th. I miss the classics, as well as John Ritter, and I hope to one day sit down and interview the amazing Kate Winslet.

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