Thomas Sadoski is Wary of “The Mimic” in New Trailer

It’s not often that you hear the word “sociopath” thrown around multiple times in a trailer. But in the new trailer for The Mimic, it’s one of their go-to words to describe “the Kid” (Jake Robinson), a young new neighbor eager to befriend “the Narrator” (Thomas Sadoski).

The Narrator quickly becomes obsessed with the Kid, convinced he’s a sociopath and determined to discover the truth about him and his wife. Told as an intriguing and hyperbolic comedy, The Mimic is based on a true story and written and directed by Thomas F. Mazziotti. “Sociopaths have been portrayed as a shady bunch up until now. Inspired by true events, this confrontational comedy explores the uncharted territory of the lighter side of a sociopath,” says Mazziotti.

Catch this quirky film in select theaters and on VOD beginning Friday.


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