Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy are Star-Crossed Lovers in “Submergence” Trailer

Long distance relationships are hard. They’re made harder when your boyfriend is in the British Secret Service and you’re a bio-mathematician who uses a submarine to explore the ocean. No, that wasn’t just a jumble of words. That’s the premise behind Submergence.

Alicia Vikander plays Danielle Flinders, occupant of yellow submarines, while James McAvoy plays James More, secret agent for the British government. In the new trailer, we see the two fall in love, even when James is sent on a dangerous mission to Somalia that ends with his capture. With no clue how the other is faring, the two must continue on with their lives, only hoping to be reunited.

Submergence is a love story that crosses vastly different worlds as our two heroes try to find one another again. See the trailer below and watch it in theaters and on demand April 13, 2018.


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