National Geographic’s “The Real Right Stuff” Premieres on Disney+

As you may or may not know, Disney+ is really into space right now. Recently, they premiered their original scripted series The Right Stuff which chronicles the story of the nation’s first astronauts. If you’re anything like me, watching a series based on true events makes you wonder what these characters actually looked like and what really happened. Thankfully, Disney+ has anticipated that thought.

The Real Right Stuff tells the same story as its scripted companion but uses hundreds of hours of archival film and radio broadcasts, interviews, home movies and other never-before-seen material. Directed and produced by Emmy and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Tom Jennings, the documentary is a gripping account of NASA’s Project Mercury program. Free of modern-day narration and interviews, the special uses Jennings’ signature style to give viewers unparalleled access to the early days of the space race.

The Real Right Stuff is set to premiere Friday, November 20 on Disney+, the same day that The Right Stuff’s season finale airs.


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