The Holidays Get Dark in “All the Creates Were Stirring” Trailer

It seems that every year studios take full advantage of the joyous holiday season, utilizing a heavy dose of counter-programming to offer up a Santa laden horror film that, though never great, ultimately gets the job done.

For 2019, up steps All the Creates Were Stirring.

The film, which tackles all things holiday related, just released its first trailer, and there appears to be a lot of plot points that are being kept wrapped and under the tree.  Though we do see the film touch on office parties, last-minute shopping nightmares and a sci-fi angle that incorporates a unique looking star, we still don’t know how everything comes together.

The film boasts a jam-packed cast, headlined by Constance Wu, fresh off her work in this year’s Crazy Rich Asians.  Likely a similar release situation to 2009’s All About Steve, All the Creates Were Stirring is just getting the digital and home video treatment on December 4. 


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