NEON’s First Sundance Acquisition Goes to “Flee”

Sundance Film Festival may be virtual this year but that doesn’t mean the film market is any cooler. NEON’s first acquisition went to Flee, a film by Jonas Power Rasmussen. Executive produced by Riz Ahmed and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the film was selected for Cannes 2020 and made its debut on opening night of Sundance in the World Documentary Competition. 

Telling an intimate story with a unique approach, the documentary utilizes archive footage, 80s pop music, and a hand-drawn craft to tell the story of a teen fleeing multiple countries and its ensuing psychological impact. The subject is Amin Nawabi (a pseudonym), a man grappling with a secret hidden for 20 years and one that now threatens to ruin the life he’s built with his soon to be husband. In a series of interviews illustrated through animation, Nawabi recounts his youth as a refugee of Afghanistan.

“So excited to partner up with NEON for the North America distribution, being such an innovative and bold company we feel they can secure a broad distribution across the US,” said Monica Hellstrom and Signe Byrge Sorensen from Final Cut for Real, producers of the film.

“Very excited to work with groundbreaking distributors NEON on getting Flee out. Their roster of titles include a vast amount of my favorite films from the last couple of years and I’m extremely proud to now include my own work on that list,” said Jonas Power Rasmussen.


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