Review: The Hangover Part III


Director:Todd Phillips

Cast:Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms. Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, John Goodman, Mike Epps

Running Time:100.00


The thing about the Hangover franchise is that you must either love the movies or hate them. I don't really care to much for The Hangover in general; I think if you watch The Hangover III you will get my point. Watching this move was more like watching episode 6 of a mini series on TV, has nothing to do with the story line and is pretty much filler for the next episode. 

In this installment, the Wolfpack is once again reunited with each other, but this time it is for more serious reasons. Alan has gone off his meds, and the gang is tasked to take Alan to Arizona where he will attend a rehab retreat. However, they are stopped by Marshall (John Goodman) and Black Doug (Mike Epps). They tell the pack that Mr. Chow has escaped prison, and  they want the Wolfpack to track him down and bring him back. 

If you expecting Ed Helms's character Stu to get some crazy thing done to him or for Alan to drug anyone, then you're in for a surprise because none of that happens. In fact, almost nothing that you're expecting to happen does. The movie, I hate to say, is boring. 

I really have no idea what Todd Phillips was thinking when he put this movie out there. Now, of course, people are going to see it and rent it, but like me, you will walk out of the experience disappointed. Even the jokes are somewhat subpar to what we expect from these guys, even Mr. Chow himself is pretty tame in this one. I will say you MUST stay till the end of the credits because that is literally the best part of this movie. Overall, I would say that this movie is just not very good.


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