Review: Safety Not Guaranteed


Director:Colin Trevorrow

Cast:Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, Karan Son

Running Time:94 Minutes


Wanted: a quirky loveable ultra hip romantic movie involving
hijinks and mayhem with a large dose of time travel.

Ideal responder: Safety
Not Guaranteed

 Easily fulfilling all the checkboxes presented in the above
ad, Colin Trevorrow's Safety Not
Guaranteed comfortably sits within my personal top ten for 2012.  Why all the praise?  That's easy"¦the film is good!

Safety Not Guaranteed
is actually based on a real ad that was placed in a local paper that has a man
attempting to find an adventure seeker who is looking to travel through time
with him "“ his second such adventure. 
In the film the ad sparks some minor interest with a few writers of a
Seattle based magazine, prompting them to contact the ad writer and pose as an
interested party.  It's simple
really, but the outcome is anything but.

For starters, Safety
gives Mark Duplass a role where he doesn't come off so smug and self-absorbed.  He is able to broaden his talent and
appeal here, giving audiences a new side in which to fall in love with.  His co-star, Aubrey Plaza, knocks it
out of the park with her flawless delivery of her often overlooked and under
respected deadpan humor.

I can't overlook the scenes that involved Jake Johnson and
Karan Son.  Playing Jeff and Arnau
respectively, the duo provides for much of the comic relief that is used to
counteract the film's more serious moments.

The film's weakest moment comes with its unveiling a "˜twist.'   Detailing how time travel has affected the present was likely
a good idea on paper, but its execution leaves much to be desired"¦and
explained.  I've thought the entire
scene over several times in my head and I still can't fully wrap my head around
the idea.  Not a good sign for an
otherwise comprehendible story.

Overall, Safety Not
Guaranteed was a fun film that effectively mixes the sci-fi genre with some
laughs and a bit of romance.  It's
a rarity really; one that you should definitely take the time to check out.



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