Review: Prom


Director:Joe Nussbaum

Cast:Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell, DeVaughn Nixon

Running Time:103 Minutes


been through high school and went to prom, and all I can tell you is that the
dance is great but mostly overrated. Disney's Prom is no different. The movie creates a fantasy world full of
squeaky-clean teenagers whose biggest fear is not having the perfect night, a
bit cliché to say the least.

are six stories of various characters maneuvering through their last days of
high school before the big dance. You've got plenty of teenage stereotypes that
only promote clique distinctions. By the end of the movie, I was literally
gagging on my popcorn while watching these people complain about things not
going their way.

about Prom was completely
unrealistic. As seniors in high school, you know that there's bound to be some
cussing and talk about sex. With a PG rating, Disney can't include anything as
realistic as that, so instead we've got drama like a guy "˜cheating' on his
girlfriend and a bad boy with long hair who completely "˜rebels' against the
entire event. It's sad that the film wasn't rated PG-13 and dealt with some
real issues, since obviously Prom is
most marketable to teens in high school.

unrealistic nature of the film extends into its relationships. We don't go into
depth about any of the characters and yet are meant to believe they've each
connected on a personal level with someone of the opposite sex. Meanwhile, the
end of the film never resolves any of the story lines in the sense that
everyone is about to graduate and go their separate ways but it's just assumed
that these relationships can stand the test of time. I mean honestly, the High School Musical series was better
than this.

difficult to watch Prom and believe
anyone has an experience like Disney's portrayal. However, it's the fact that Prom propels the whole idea that the
last dance of high school has got to be perfect that truly ruins the overall


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