Review: Noobz


Director:Blake Freeman

Cast:Blake Freeman, Jason Mewes, Casper Van Dien

Running Time:97 Minutes


I am seriously considering just writing a review for Pepsi,
Wahoo's Fish Tacos, or Gears of War. This review would certainly have a higher
score. It hurts a little to give Noobz such
a bad score because it seemed like a heartfelt project for which
writer/director/star Blake Freeman prostituted himself out to so many
corporations. Seriously. The amount of product placement in this movie is

It's your basic road
movie: four friends travel across the country to compete in a huge video game
tournament. The hijinks-iest of hijinks ensue. Unfortunately, the film portrays
"gamers" (a painfully overused term in this film) in the most stereotypical of
lights, casting them all as dumb, irresponsible, gay-panic-joke-loving
jackasses perpetually stuck in adolescence. The plot hits all the usual notes,
never daring to tread new ground. The only real light in the tunnel is the
hyperactive silliness of Jason Mewes' performance. Of course, that's yet
another thing we've seen a thousand times before.


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