Review: Mr. Popper’s Penguins


Director:Mark Waters

Cast:Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino, Madeline Carroll, Angela Lansbury

Running Time:92 Minutes


These days many kid's movies are actually written more for
adults "“ like Shrek. Mr. Popper's Penguins is definitely
written for children.  Some of the
jokes sit slightly above a child's understanding, and a few are slightly
suggestive. All in all, this film is oriented for families as it will keep the
kids entertained, but the adults might find the whole thing a bit lackluster.

The plot originates from a children's book of the same
title. Jim Carrey's character is a driven businessman who inherits six penguins
and tries to juggle work, family, and this surprise. The plot is full of
clichés, and there really aren't any surprises anywhere.  I sort of felt that the film was
literally a checklist of the formulaic events that occur in children's books adapted
into movies. The comedy aspect is a balance of physical humor and some witty
jokes "“ nothing overly intellectual. It's enough to keep the audience laughing
throughout the film, but I can't say that any of the humor is particularly

Jim Carrey's performance is reminiscent of Liar Liar. In some ways, his work seems
a bit flat, or maybe I'm just accustomed to his particular brand of acting and
no longer find it interesting. I wish he'd find a way to do comedy without
reusing the same comedy techniques.  One of the characters speaks in alliteration, which I found
quite entertaining, but most of the dialogue is unoriginal.

This film definitely follows the stereotypical children's
movie plot points. I was never bored because the film is pretty entertaining,
but it's not one that I can watch over and over. This is definitely one of
those films where the vast majority of the funny scenes are highlighted in the
trailer, which leaves few surprises for the full viewing.


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