SXSW Review: Linsanity


Director:Evan Jackson Leong

Cast:Jeremy Lin

Running Time:88.00


Linsanity takes you through the rollercoster career of Jeremy LIn, a NBA basketball player who when from zero to hero faster then a New York minute.

After what seemed like another failed game, the New York Knicks head coach made a decision to play a player, who became a super star after the final buzzer. Linsantiy tells the amazing story of Jeremy Lin ,an undrafted free agent from Harvard, who was on the verge of seeing his lifelong NBA dream vanish.  Linsanity shows us that no one should ever give up on their dreams.

What I liked most about this movie is that it is a true bio-documentary. Lin gives director Evan Jackson Leong unbelievable access not only to him but also his family. This is what I think makes bio-documentaries really come home when people watch them. Jeremy Lin's story is truly a great one.

Sometimes things just can't be expanded  Linsanity shows us how big a heart and faith you must have to persevere when your back is against the wall. The story is good; the footage is good, and the message is on point. I really enjoyed this documentary. If you are into sports and have the time, then you should definitely watch this movie.


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